Niall Horan + Louis Tomlinson

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Til I’m seeing white (A Nouis Oneshot)


Okay so I realize this is super smutty and I am a dirty bastard but I started this a while ago and I came across it. I decided to finish, because I have been having a lot of Nouis feels lately and I thought this was pretty good. So let me know what you think? 

Niall heard the front door of his flat shut and he gasped. He knew Louis would be angry and that scared him and excited him at the same time. He knew that meant angry sex, which secretley he loved. Just on cue he heard Louis’s footsteps  coming closer and the door flew open. “Niall.” He stated closing the door behind him. “Hi, Louis.” Niall said timidley.

 ”So. I saw you with him, but I think you know that right?” Niall shook his head. Louis had seen him being “too friendly” with Liam who was actually no threat because he was straight. But Louis was still raging mad, Niall could tell. Madder than he’d seen him in a long time. He suddenly started to get scared but it was too late.

 Louis came up to him pushing him on the bed hard. “Do you know what this means?” He asked. Niall nodded. “And do you want to know what I’m gonna do with you?” Niall nodded again. He straddled Niall and beant down so he was right against his ear. “I’m gonna blow you and fuck you so hard that you won’t walk tomorrow.” He whispered throatily in his ear. Niall shivered. Louis didn’t know how much this turnedhim on.

 ”And your gonna ride me up and down. I’m gonna blow your cock so hard you won’t be able to feel it tomorrow.” Niall shuddered, already becoming hard. Louis took notice of this and smirked. He bent down sucking Niall’s neck hard. “You like that don’t you, you little slut?” He growled. Niall moaned and that was all Louis needed. He bent down, taking off Niall’s white polo and khaki pants.

 He quickly took off his own striped top and red skinny jeans. He bent down kissing Niall’s neck ferosiously, finally working his way up to Niall’s lips, capturing them in a rough passionate kiss. Niall eagerly kissed back, now rock hard. Louis broke the kiss after a while and moved to Niall’s neck. “Suck, please.” Niall whispered huskily. Louis obeyed and started sucking and biting until he left a giant purple bruise on the younger boy’s pale skin.

 He moved kissing down Niall’s chest and tummy earning low moans from the  irish lad. Finally he got to his boxers. He grabbed Niall’s dick through the fabric and Niall thrusted into his hand needingly. “Uh uh uh.” Louis teased pushing Niall’s hips firmly against the bed. “Patience, babe.” Louis whispered. Niall moaned as Louis teasingly ran his hand across Niall’s bulge. In what seemed like an eternity for Niall, Louis finally pulled down his boxers revealing Niall’s hard dick.

 Louis started off stroking it slowly getting faster and faster until Niall was moaning out his name. “Louis, oh fuck oh my god!” Finally Louis decided it was time to blow the little blonde haired boy beneath him. He leant down taking the very tip into his mouth, licking it slowly. Niall moaned louder now, putting a little agression into his tone. Louis of course noticed it and decided he didn’t like it.

 ”Niall?” He questioned. “Yeah?” Niall grunted. “You know that I’m in charge here don’t you?” He asked, but it wasn’t really a question. Niall just nodded, his member needed release so bad. “Then you will obey, and you will be patient. Understand?” He whispered the last part. Niall just choked out another “Yes.” Louis was now craving Niall’s hard cock, though he would never tell him that.

 He bent down and finally, without warning, took Niall’s whole dick into his mouth. Niall moaned in relief and pleasure. Louis went up anddown hard, biting and nipping in places. Niall’s moans got louder and needier and it turned Louis on even more. He could tell Niall was on the verge of an orgasm so he stopped, just for kicks. “Louis, no please.” “Shhh” Louis said next to his ear.

 He flipped Niall over and ran his hand over his smooth bum. He moved up to the crook of his now sweaty neck and traced a line to his tight hole, sticking a whole needy finger in without a single warning to the unexpecting horny blonde. He thrusted his finger in and out of his tight hole, while Niall was still shuddering in pain, not used to the feeling yet. He added a second finger, and Niall loosened up a bit more. By the time he added a third, Niall was thrusting back onto the three fingers. The feeling of warmth and tightness around Louis’s fingers were almost enough to make him come right then and there.

 ”Louis, please- PLEASE!” Niall screamed. Louis wrapped a finger around Niall’s mouth. “Do you want to wake the whole neighborhood, you little whore.” Niall whimpered, grabbing onto the white sheets to keep from shouting. “Tell me what you want, Ni.” Louis demanded, getting much pleasure out of watching the irish boy squirm and shudder. “I want you to fuck me.” Niall moaned in his raspy sex voice.

Louis couldn’t handle it any more. He needed to be inside him. To feel the tightness around his now rock hard member. He pulled down his own boxers, not bothering to take them completely off. He looked over and seen Zayn’s hair gel. He had left it from the night before. Louis smirked and decided to try it. He took the hair gel and rubbed it all over his hard cock. He stroked Niall’s inner thighs once more, causing him goose bumps and entered hard.

 Niall screamed and choked out loud. Louis was sure that everybody within a fifty mile radius could hear. He jammed the end of his long cock into his prostate and Niall felt the most undescribable pleasure in the world. He wishes he could feel this inside him forever. Louis would pull almost all the way out and then slam all the way back in. Niall was seeing stars and he knew he was on the verge of an amazing orgasim.

 ”Louis, I’m going to-” He felt the familar feeling and out shot ropes of creamy liquid onto his belly and the bed sheets. Niall lay panting while Louis thrusted into him three more times and shot out his own load into the teenage boy. He pulled out and gave him a simple yet passionate peck on the lips. They fell asleep smelling strongly of sex and hair gel, and Niall was glad he had “flirted”.